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Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:the moon
Killing will not bring you peace, live long and prosper and may the force be with you.

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20th century boys, agnosticism, alien invasion, alphonse mucha, ambient, anthony bourdain, antoni gaudí, art deco, art nouveau, aubrey beardsley, ayumi kasai, bbc sherlock, beadweaving, beirut, belle epoque, björk, boards of canada, british rock, bums, burly dogs, cats, ceramics, charles & ray eames, cherik, cirque du soleil, clinton kelly, cocteau twins, coffee, death to the mcmansion, dir en grey, dwell magazine, electroclash, eley kishimoto, etsy, explosions in the sky, fairytales, fancy things, fashion, final fantasy 7, frank lloyd wright, franz ferdinand, fuck mcmansions, gay of demonic charm, girly things, gogol bordello, good deals, good omens, graffiti, greek mythology, grokking, gross humor, guys who like pink, harry potter, hating mcmansions, hayao miyazaki, heechul, heechul is a jedi, heechul looks like die, heedictator, his dark materials, humanism, j-rock, james jean, james mcavoy, jostein gaarder, kitsch, kittens on youtube, kowloon walled city, lady gaga, lord of the rings, m83, manga, mcfassy, mcmansions suck, microwaving ants, midcentury modern, miniatures, mogwai, mutts, my bloody valentine, nanowrimo, neutral milk hotel, nintendo 64, nutella, oscar wilde, poppycock, portishead, post-rock, rené lalique, rock en español, root beer, ryeowook is evil, science fiction, shoegaze, sigur rós, sitting on a cornflake, speculative fiction, stacy & clinton, star trek loving j-rockers, steampunk, sungmin, super junior, tacky things, takato yamamoto, tea, tetrisphere, the album leaf, the beatles, the cranberries, the sims, the turks, the walking dead, toshiya, tres tres chic, trip-hop, urban art, victor horta, video games, vintage fashion, vintage poster art, what's taters precious, wikipedia, writing, x-men, youtube, zoolander
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